Introducing Sierra Flanigan, our FIRST Spotlight Artist!

Note from Kat, Tipsy Vincent founder:
I first met Sierra Flanigan at college. If a sunflower were a person, it would be Sierra Flanigan. She exudes kindness and laughter and love and light. She is the Principal Change Agent for Living Lab, An international change agency committed to protecting and renewing life on Planet Earth. She is also an incredible artist who breathes life into alpine driftwood. After falling in love with the art she was producing, I knew I wanted her to be Tipsy Vincents' first spotlight artist. I hope you all are as moved by her work as I am and continue to follow this amazing woman!
The Artist Statement:
The state of Colorado has experienced a diversity of Earth's climates. Over the ages, this landmass has meandered around the globe, expressing itself as an ocean, desert, tundra, home to the Ute people, and more. Not too many millions of years ago, the north pacific plate slid beneath the west coast and thrust up the rocky mountains from Earth's ancient core. Today, Colorado is home to dozens of the world's highest mountains on the planet. It is rich in spirit, deep in story, and I am honored to call this place my home.
Some of the trees around my childhood home in the Old Snowmass, Colorado, are thousands of years old. I have been enchanted and curious about this land and its natural wonders since I was a child. My name is Sierra Flanigan, and I am called to paint alpine driftwood, infusing new color into retired elements and
giving life to the texture and story of natural wisdom.
Sierra's Experience with Tipsy Vincent:
From the moment I unwrapped the tipsy Vincent Paintbox to the union of the Tipsy Vincent paint with the alpine driftwood, I knew I was working with pure magic. It felt so good to be using natural paints (finally) and supporting a woman-led business. Indulging in the creamy colors was a match made in heaven for the unique wood pieces I discovered and collected here in Old Snowmass, Colorado. From the mountainous desert micro-ecosystem, these pieces are the juniper and sage tree that lived many years ago. The TV pigments felt and looked like a natural extension of the wood's spirit. The earthy colors were slightly out of my comfort zone as I wanted the wooden shapes and curves to pop. I was thrilled when that is precisely what happened with the natural paints. To paint, I mixed up a colorful soup of diluted Tipsy Vincent paints into the provided ceramic tray and inundated the wood. The wood soaked the base color up like a sponge. In a few cases, I combined the TV paint with Prisma color chalk, and they hit it off. I am excited to continue painting with Tipsy Vincent materials, which align with my core values of kindness to the Earth, community with one another, and creativity from dream to manifestation.
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