About Us

Tipsy Vincent is an eco-friendly painting kit, curated by artist Kat Heyl.  Kat founded Tipsy Vincent in 2017 as a private paint and sip experience in Washington, DC. Since then, Tipsy Vincent has moved away from the paint and sip model and into an at-home, self-care painting experience.
Our goal is for you to open our paint box and immediately feel artistic and comfortable expressing yourself. Kat is adamant that the best source of inspiration lie deep down within. If you had a bad day, paint about it. Take it out on the canvas; you may be surprised by what you see. Having a great day? Use the color and shapes to express joy, love, happiness. That kind of self-expression is nothing short of healing.
The fact that our paint is made free of toxins is what we consider the cherry on top! The paint is hand-mixed natural earth pigments sourced from Vermont. We have committed to being a eco-friendly company from day one and will do our very best to uphold that principle.